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Xace accounts are full of features to cater to a wide range of industries, countries and currencies.

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Business Payment Accounts

Whether UK or EU business, we have account options for your business or company.

Sole Traders, Companies and Corporations currently hold payment accounts with Xace.
Sole Trader

Multiple Payment Options

When it comes to processing payments, we have access to a range of major payment options.
Multiple payment options
Virtual debit*
Uk Faster payments
Multiple currencies
For more information, such as ‘Where can I receive payments from?’ and ‘Where can I send payments to?’ Please see our FAQ section.
Personal Account
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Multiple Accounts

Instant switching between seperate accounts to keep your business organised
Manage unlimited accounts
Push notifications
Spending alerts
Different currency accounts

Payment, Beneficiary and Statement Options

  • Set up regular payments such as standing orders.

  • View and download account statements with pre-set popular options.

  • Add regular beneficiaries for easy payments.

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Virtual Debit Cards

Xace Virtual Debit Cards, powered by Modulr FS Ltd. Perfect for online purchases, both one off or ongoing, employee cost tracking and speedy issuance.

The Xace Virtual Debit Card is just one of the account features to help make personal and business payments easier.  Connected directly to your payment account in the same way a traditional debit card would work, Xace Virtual Debit Cards are an ideal add-on.

Issue new cards at the click of a button, cancel and renew whenever you wish, pay in GBP and EUR, issue to staff remotely - all from within the Xace application. 

All Xace accounts have the option to obtain a Virtual Debit Card, whether tech, development,  esports or gaming related.

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Account Sectors

Xace accept a wide range of clients. We currently serve a broad range of industries including freelancers, web development, software development, tech companies and more.

We also operate with emerging markets. We appreciate that if correct and relevant AML, KYC and other checks are being conducted on an ongoing basis, that payment solutions for emerging entities are achievable.

Question on our sectors?

Digital friendly

Xace are happy to onboard individuals and companies operating purely in the digital landscape. Our compliance team have extensive knowledge of the sector.

Esports friendly

Xace are equally happy to onboard esport companies and gamers. Our compliance team will review your sites processes and procedures.

Tech Friendly

We understand the difference between requirements in tech. Xace are happy to review applications from a range of unique tech focused industries.