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GBP & EUR accounts for Competition and Giveaway websites, providing custom solutions to a growing market with Xace™

Removing barriers to accounts across the UK for a new market of competition platforms

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Why Xace for your Raffle?

Instant switching between separate accounts to keep your business or current account organised
Manage unlimited accounts
Push notifications
Spending alerts
Manage unlimited accounts
Push notifications
Spending alerts

Typical account features for business customers

  • Setup Direct Debits for subscriptions

  • Payment gateway friendly

  • Create and store Beneficiaries

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Manage complete company finances across retailing of competition or giveaway websites, from prize purchases to gateway withdrawals

New markets are often unknowns in finance, making opening accounts challenging and causing friction within your own business processes. Working with a payment provider who is sensitive to the needs of your business, while understanding your target markets in detail, will enable greater control over your finances.

Xace was setup in the UK to be friendly to new markets– encouraging business growth by removing barriers to account ownership.

With a compliance team committed to bringing industry specific solutions to business customers across the UK, with decades of gaming expertise in-house, communication of requirements will be clear and relevant to you own needs. Our onboarding process has been developed around the very business you're operating, making the transition from application to account opening a smooth one.

We answer your most complex gaming questions in our gaming FAQ with some account specific FAQs below.

Your account in your name, from IBAN EUR accounts to GBP accounts with FX services.
Multiple currencies
Multiple payment options
Virtual debit*
Uk Faster payments

Why Xace for your Raffle?

UK based, a worldwide presence, Xace brings a new world of account options.
  • Global icon orange
    Competition friendly to legally operating brands
  • Deep industry knowledge, inc gaming regulations
  • EU & UK Support
  • IBAN & UK Accounts
  • Faster Payments & SEPA
  • Virtual Debit Cards* (for online purchases)

Major payment processors welcome

If you're operating an competition ecommerce platform, you will no doubt be making use of a payment processor or gateway. Many platforms make use of providers who are less well known to high street accounts, making integration and withdrawals particularly difficult. Our knowledge of payment gateways, not only in the giveaway market but across the global gaming market, giving you piece of mind while operating with such providers.

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Personal Accounts for Raffles

Playing and taking part in online competitions can be considered gambling by many account providers. At Xace we've taken the time to understand the industry at length, alongside our existing gaming regulation expertise, making a Xace account the most suitable solution for regular players.

Giveaway Business Accounts

Explore our business accounts and content in more detail, where our commitment to providing the best products to companies like yours. With features from Direct Debits and Virtual Cards to management and compliance teams with significant business and accounting backgrounds ensuring the best possible customer service.

Account & Transaction Fees

Our fee structure depends on the volume and number of transactions processed through the account. Once an initial onboarding process has been completed, an onboarding manager will confirm the exact fee schedule.

Monthly Fee
Gaming Payment Account
£POA joining fee & £250 a month per account
Business Payment Account
£POA joining fee & £250 a month per account
Transaction Fees
Gaming Account
From 0.2%
Business Account
From 0.125%

Am I eligible for a Giveaway account?

Xace are gaming friendly, but we're also attuned to the needs of those operating legally outside of gaming licenses. If you have a legal opinion on your operating standards, this will significantly improve the chances of securing an account.

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Giveaway account FAQs

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For questions relating to active accounts, please log in and access the messaging centre, available 24/7.

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